Monday, July 8, 2013

Begin Your Week with FIRE

Weekends are a great time to take time for yourself, renew yourself or start something new.  Did you have a good weekend?  A "good weekend" should not be limited to just the Saturdays and Sundays or the days you call the weekend.  Make every day a good weekend!  Think of things that renew your body, mind and spirit.  These things could be: starting a new project, finishing a project, scheduling a vacation or stay-cation, something fun with family and friends...the list could be endless.

As we begin this week with FIRE, I will be looking for themes from you - themes you hold dear to the heart or just items that you would like to discuss that relate to FIRE.  With this being a new blog, I would like the focus to be on FIRE and then branch out to different topics that could be spin-off discussions.  In the coming weeks, I will start posting themes for discussion and I am always open to your feedback.  Let's get and keep the discussion going!  I am no expert by any means...I just love to talk with writing.  ;-)

Happy thinking and make your week great!

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